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Studies conducted have illustrated that electric bikes and scooters, battery-powered and charged by solar energy, can transform transportation and sustainability in India, making it fuel independent, environmentally friendly, accessible, and affordable: enter PowerCycle. 


The PowerCycle is a low-cost electric bicycle powered by a clean and abundant source of energy -- the sun. The cycle works to service and support the community at large by harnessing the recent emphasis called for by the Government of India on the development and utilization of renewable energy resources. The cycle aims to tackle the needs of majority of India, providing them with a stable, affordable, and consistent form of transportation benefitting the wellbeing of individuals, our country’s environment, and economic growth and development. 


We believe that the PowerCycle has the potential to transform transportation in rural India, thereby facilitating better nutrition, reducing physical labour and increasing access to economic opportunities. It hs demonstrated its ability to tackle global as well as local level issues of widespread poverty, depleting energy reserves, and drastic climate change -- an intervention to create change which will indirectly affect the families of users and help create a better life!

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